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October Chamber Meeting – 7am Breakfast w/guest speaker Charles Lingerfelt

October 16, 2012

Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce Meeting
7 a.m. TUESDAY, October 16, 2012

Featuring Guest Speaker:

Charles Lingerfelt



618 E US Highway 80
(East Fork Exit on Highway 80)

A buffet breakfast will be available for $10

Join us and bring a friend!


About Charles Lingerfelt

Born a Tennessean and educated there, Charles Lingerfelt received his formal training at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where he also met his wife – the former Miss Carolyn McAvoy. After dating and an engagement period, Charles and Carolyn became husband and wife on August 30, 1964.

From this marriage came three sons and three daughters, and today after all children are married successfully, Charles and Carolyn have 14 beautiful grandchildren. Three of their children were born in Texas, after Charles and Carolyn made Texas their home in 1969.

Charles has successfully served in many capacities in his lifetime – all of which consistently involve “serving people.” After having been taught by his parents to “love people,” Charles has served as a Teacher, a Coach of Football, Basketball and Baseball, Assistant Principal and Principal. Many times while serving as a Coach, he was forced to raise his own funds to buy sporting equipment, jerseys and pads, pants and shoes, helmets and shoulder pads, in order for his students to “play the Games” safely and successfully. Charles has never wavered in asking people to “participate financially” for a worthy cause.

In 1972, Charles and Carolyn founded a work in Central Texas and incorporated it as a Non-profit corporation to help reach youth and young adults from the pitfalls of drug addiction, alcoholism, gang-related activities and others who were “troubled” with breaking the law. He has never viewed any case whatsoever as hopeless and lost forever. His lifetime desire has always been to “reach the least, the last, and the lost.” Charles and Carolyn have always devoted themselves to just “loving people” no matter who, or where.

Since 1977, Charles has been devoted to work in the grassroots helping people at various levels become elected to different positions ~ from Judges to Justices, and from Mayors to Presidents ~ from Senators and Congressmen to Governors and other high-level personnel.

He has “Marched” throughout Texas with his American flag in pro-Constitutional rallies, I Love America Rallies, Pro-family and anti-abortion campaigns, and many Support-the-Troops rallies throughout America. He has “worked” the phone banks in Texas and Louisiana, and in many other states to help get the Voters out to the polls to vote. He has been the “Organizer” in many of these Conservative and Republican campaigns which have attracted thousands, or hundreds, and has even “marched” alone to represent the American values and the American way of life.

He has served the Republican Party as Precinct Chair, Delegate to a number of conventions, Chairman of Senatorial Districts and committees within the party and districts.

In 2006, Charles and Don English went to Kurdistan in Northern Iraq and established the Kurdish American School in the city of Dohuk, teaching college level and young Kurds, Assyrians, and Izzedi adults in American English, Government and democratic principles. Charles has traveled back to Kurdistan on eleven different occasions since to perform these duties as Teacher/Director and Founder of the School there in Northern Iraq.

All said activities have only served as foundational work for Charles’ preparation politically. All who love and appreciate Charles Lingerfelt, his family, his faith in God, and his love for America ~ the beautiful nation that she is should do whatever they might do to help this good man get elected as……


October 16, 2012


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