Annual Mesquite Rotary Bike Ride: Great Opportunity for Your Business

bikeride-logoThe Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce will participate in the Annual Mesquite Rotary Bike Ride by manning the St. James Allee rest stop in Sunnyvale.
We would like every member of the chamber to provide one volunteer for the event.
You and your employees and families are welcome to represent your company.
June 1st from 7 a.m. – noon.
This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business.  You may submit advertising items with your company name for the goody bags, have a banner with your company name at the rest stop, receive recognition on the SCC website, and much more.
This is an exciting opportunity for the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce and its members to partner with the Mesquite Rotary which has many Sunnyvale residents in its membership including their
President – Debi Holley.
See below the exciting information about the event rest stops sent to us from the Mesquite Rotary.
Please email [email protected] with the number of participating volunteers from your company as soon as possible.

Here’s our Ride “by the numbers.”

·         1,500          Number of projected cyclists and number of stuffed goody bags/t-shirts
·         8,372          Number of Ride brochures mailed directly to area cyclists
·         17                Number of years the Bike Ride has been held
·         54                Number of cash sponsors
·         37                Number of in-kind sponsors
·         43,250       Amount of cash sponsorship commitments
·         50,500       Amount of in-kind sponsorship donations
·         6,048         Ounces of soft drink
·         17,280       Ounces of bottled water
·         45,000       Ounces of powerade/water at Rest Stops
·         9,000          Cookies and Bagel Bogles at Rest Stops
·         3,300          Pounds of ice
·         15,000        Total number of brochures printed
·         37                Number of DFW bike shops displaying ride brochures
·         14,000        Subscribers of just one area bike shop newsletter
·         100,000     Annual income of 64% of cyclists
·         107,000     Meters of marked road course

Did you know?…
Manning a Rest Stop (Aid Station) is more than just handing out water and cookies.

Rest Stops make or break a Ride.  They’re likely the only contact that most cyclists will have with Rotarians and Volunteers, so it’s important to always have a smile on your face, greet all the cyclists as they approach the Aid Station with hearty and energetic voices.  Constantly initiate conversation with all cyclists, say “how are you feeling?… are you having a good time?… here, let me fill up that bottle for you.” Have some up-beat music playing loud in the background to create more energy.  Step out from behind the table frequently to help cyclists off their bikes – this is a nice touch for the last Aid Station at Lawson & IH-20, having a couple volunteers to help folks off their bikes – always lay their bikes down with the chain up and not in the dirt.

Before the cyclists show up slice up (quarter) all the oranges and lay out the cookies and bogles – you remember what those are, right?!  Wait until the cyclists show before halving the bananas, so the sliced end doesn’t turn brown/black – yuck!   Just slice the banana in half – do not peel it – the cyclists will peel it themselves.  Before cyclists arrive, or during slow times, keep the fruit and goodies covered to keep the flies off.

If you’re sitting down – you’re not doing your job.  Offer a cool wet towel, ask them if they need anything…THANK THEM for coming out today and supporting Rotary.

As a Rest Stop volunteer, you must set the tone for the Ride.

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