Sunnyvale, TX – Certified Film Friendly

The Town of Sunnyvale is proud to be certified as a Film Friendly Texas Community by the Texas Film Commission. This was achieved through efforts of the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce, the Sunnyvale 4A Development Corporation, Town Council and many cooperating property owners in the Town. The Town Council passed a special ordinance regulating commercial filming in Sunnyvale and a photographic portfolio of representative location photos was submitted for inclusion in TexScout, the Texas Film Commission’s on-line location database.

Representatives from Sunnyvale attended the Film Friendly Texas certification program and learned about the production process and how to effectively work with filming requests. The certification enables property owners in Sunnyvale to attract filming opportunities and provides funds to the property owners and Town to further pursue these economic opportunities.

Sunnyvale Filmography includes scenes from WALKER, TEXAS RANGER, THE GOOD GUYS, and MY PLANE DISASTER.  We are pleased with this initiative, and we encourage you to see what Sunnyvale has to offer.

Randall Heye, AICP – Economic Development Director
Office: (972) 226-7177
Fax: (972) 226-1804
E-Mail: [email protected]

More information:
Texas Film Commission Website
Sunnyvale, TX – Film Locations Gallery

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