Rep. Angie Chen Button

When communism took over China, Angie Chen Button’s parents were forced to flee to Taiwan because of persecution for their Christian faith. Angie grew up with her family of seven packed into a living space of only about 300 square feet made of bamboo and mud. Her parents sometimes struggled to make ends meet, but they gave Angie and her siblings a happy childhood. Angie’s parents instilled in her the importance of hard work, education, and not letting her present define her future.

Angie came to America and earned her Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences degree from UT Dallas. Angie has never forgotten the doors that opened thanks to her education and wants to make sure others have the same opportunities. While at UT Dallas, she met her husband Darcy. The two were married and Angie went to work for Texas Instruments for 35 years first as an auditor and then later selling American-made products overseas. She accomplished all of this while raising their son, Dane.

Angie has a massive resumé of community involvement and service. Since we elected her to office, she has defended our public schools, fought to cut overburdensome regulations that kill jobs, and worked to preserve individual liberty. She is known in the Texas House as a determined tax-cutter and someone who will put in the work it takes to get results for Texas and her constituents.

Not only is Angie a champion of education, business, taxpayers, job growth, and individual freedom, she is breaking glass ceilings every chance she gets. Angie was the first woman ever to chair the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber. She was also the first woman to chair the Texas House Economic and Small Business Committee and has far exceeded expectations in her success as a reformer and legislator.

Angie Chen Button is the go-getter we need in the Texas House and she continues to get results for us in the Capitol.

The Young Women’s Christian Associated awarded her the 100 Years 100 Women Award (1908 to 2008) and the YWCA Women of Achievement-High Tech Award. In 2006, she earned the SMU Women Helping Women Maura Award and the Profile in Leadership Award for her work as a mentor and role model for tomorrow’s future women leaders. Girls Inc. honored Angie with the “She Knows Where She is Going” Award and the Southwest Jewish Congress granted her an “Inspiring Women of the Southwest” Award. This year, Angie was featured in the Dallas Regional Chamber 2018 Women’s Business Conference “Practically Perfect” video series.

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